Welcome To ICON High IQ Society!

ICON stands for Intelligence, Creativity, Originality and Notability. While the selection criteria for membership is a verified IQ in the 95th percentile we believe that intelligence working in tandem with creativity is essential in producing original works and achieving ground-breaking advances that can benefit society as a whole.

At ICON we also believe that anyone can tap into their own innate creativity. Our society puts too much emphasis on convergent thinking and not enough emphasis on divergent thinking. Our school systems effectively stifle creativity at an early age when it’s crucial that it be nurtured.

If you wish to become a member of ICON you will first need to register at IQ-Test.ca and either take one of our admissions tests or submit prior evidence of a qualifying score on any one of our approved tests. To qualify you need to score in the 95th percentile or have a minimum IQ score of 124 sd.15, 126 sd.16, or 139 sd.24. All our in-house tests use a standard deviation of 15 meaning you must score no less than 124 to qualify for membership.

The cost of a lifetime membership is $25 US which includes a downloadable membership certificate with your name on it, your name in our members directory and lifetime access to our members only private social network.

For more information please contact us at support@iconsociety.org.